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3 Crystal Rituals For New Year’s Eve 2018 To Help You Enter 2019 Stress-Free

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Setting goals and New Year’s Eve go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, TBH, sometimes I wish I could just grab that PB&J and run, because setting lofty goals can be hella stressful. It can be overwhelming to expect ourselves to change our ways overnight just because we’re entering a new calendar year. So, if you’re having trouble laying out plans for yourself in 2019, it can be helpful to try to boil things down to just a few main areas. And if you want to get a lil’ witchy about it, using crystal healing for 2019 goals can add the perfect mystical boost to your New Year’s Eve intention-setting rituals and make self-improvement all the more magical. Plus, who doesn’t want to pre-game for NYE with their crystals? Doing crystal rituals to support your intentions are a super chill and magical way to close out this year and step into the next. Many people believe that crystals carry energy and that working with them can help align us with their frequencies, which is the basis behind crystal healing. Many people also believe that crystals can be programmed with your personal intentions, allowing you to work with them even more closely to reach your goals. Bustle spoke with holistic healer and business and success mentor Allison Braun about effective ways to use crystals in 2019 goal setting rituals, and she shared three of her go-to crystal rituals for New Years Eve that will help even crystal newbies launch their 2019 goals off the ground in mystical style. Etsy / AURAMORE Healing Crystals & Stones Chakra Set , $18, Etsy. All three of Braun’s rituals are designed to incorporate any or all of the following crystals, based on what your personal vibe and intention is. She suggests the following: Citrine for any creativity, financial prosperity, and abundance related goals. Rose Quartz for any love, relationship, intimacy, beauty or connection related goals. Red Jasper for any health, energy or productivity related goals. Lapis Lazuli for any speaking, communication, leadership or affluence related goals. Additional crystals are recommended for specific rituals as noted below. Whether you’re focused on your business endeavors, love life, or just upping your self-care, crystals can be a super helpful tool to call on when it comes to making that magic happen. Here are three fun and magical crystal rituals to use for the new year that Braun has shared with Bustle, and all harness the crystal energy perfectly to support your goals. Ritual #1: Feel-Good 2019 Goal Setting Giphy Along with a new year often come new year goals , but no one wants to pressure themselves too hard and turn it into something negative and stressful. “This ritual is designed to support you in setting fulfilling, feel good goals for the New Year,” explains Braun. Make setting goals an intentional and magical experience by doing so using a crystal ritual instead. What you’ll need: One to three of the aforementioned crystals (one for each goal); […]

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