Time to reel in the happy-go-lucky and fiery vibes of Sagittarius season and majorly ground ourselves as we enter earthy Capricorn season . While Sag the archer taught us to aim our proverbial bow and arrow for the stars, Capricorn, which is represented by the determined and persistent mountain goat, is here to show us the winding, uphill path to actually reaching them. The sun will enter Capricorn’s territory on Dec. 22 (the first full day of the winter season following the solstice), and will carry us straight into 2019 with a practical, get-sh*t-done attitude. Leading up to the holidays, we’ve been riding the high of Sagittarius’ excitable, quick-moving energy, but now it’s time to get back to business for 2019 — and that’s exactly what Capricorn’s down-to-earth and practical vibe is here to help us do. Capricorn is kind of a big boss in the zodiac world. I always think of Cap as the energy that’s here to whip us into shape and help us get our sh*t together after the insanity of the holidaze and the wild-child hype of Sagittarius season. Like, yes, our bank accounts are drained. We are totally out of our groove work-wise. We’re freaking exhausted from traveling/partying. Guess what? Cap season is here, and it’s sending us to astrological boot camp. “The measured master planner of the horoscope family, Capricorn energy teaches us the power of structure, delayed gratification and setting goals for the long haul,” explained AstroStyle on its site . Under Capricorn’s rule, hard work pays off, and goals will be reached . It comes as no surprise that this highly practical Earth sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is seen as the somewhat stern, tough-love-givin’, patriarchal father figure of the zodiac. With your back-to-work schedule looming ahead, New Year’s goals swirling through your mind, and a whole big batch of tough love coming at us from Capricorn season, it’s definitely time to turn to some good ol’ crystal healing for spiritual support. Here are some crystals for Capricorn season that will help us vibe off Cap’s hardworking, highly driven, and deeply grounded energy. Aragonite Etsy / OneWithGems Aragonite is a major root chakra stone (which is perfect for Cap season), and will help ground us and help us focus on securing our most basic needs. We’re kicking off paternal, work-focused Cap season with a maternal, domestic, family-oriented full moon in Cancer , which will call us to balance our careers with our family life — and that isn’t always easy. Aragonite is ideal for healing family issues and bringing a rational sense of clarity to otherwise highly emotional matters (as family drama often tends to be), so it’ll be perfect for this transit. How to use it: Aragonite loves to be charged under the full moon , so use it in a lunar ritual to kick off Capricorn season in an earthy and magical way. Just as the light of the full moon illuminates our truths, so […]

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