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5 Crystals For The January 2019 New Moon That Will Help You Manifest Your New Year’s Intentions

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Mere days after we officially ring in the new year, the stars are serving us up a healthy dose of ~new beginnings~ astrologically, too, as both the January 2019 new moon and the first partial solar eclipse of the new eclipse phase will take place on Jan. 5. The new year already tends to put a fire under everyone when it comes to goal-setting and planning for the year ahead, so when we combine the momentum of our fresh 2019 intentions with the astrological power of the new moon and eclipse, you can bet this luminary is going to be an important one as far as future planning goes. Even if you’re choosing to forego new year’s goals (which, whatever, I don’t blame you), the astrological energy of the Jan. 5 new moon is buzzing with the verve of new beginnings, so don’t sleep on the opportunity to plant energetic seeds that can truly flourish over the next six months. There are some healing crystals for the January 2019 new moon that you can use to help support your intentions and bring you clarity during this transit, and ultimately help you to make the most of the propitious energy of this luminary. January’s new moon will rise in the hardworking, goal-oriented sign of Capricorn (also the sign that the partial solar eclipse will be taking place within at the same time). Some of the main themes that this moon will bring up for us are going to be work, career, and business related. This is no big surprise, given the planet Saturn’s stern and fatherly influence over the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the zodiac’s resident mountain goat: unshakably driven, deeply rational, and relentlessly making their way up winding mountainside paths with hyper-focus and determination toward their goals. This steadfast resoluteness is what makes Capricorn such an amazing influence when it comes to setting personal goals — and reaching them, too. But don’t stop at business-related intentions: this luminary is also a fantastic time to push forward with artistic endeavors and creative goals of all kinds. Allow your imagination to flow, but call upon Cap’s rational, business-minded energy to inspire you to make a solid plan for reaching your endgame. Giphy Lastly, with Neptune’s dreamy influence over this new moon (the planet of dreams and illusions will be sextile to the partial solar eclipse that’s taking place simultaneously to this luminary), there’s a bit of a haze hanging over everything, shrouding the truth, confusing us in our feelings, and making it difficult to call on Capricorn’s cold, hard rationalism to make sense of things and come to confident conclusions. That said, it’s going to be imperative for us to also consult our intuition , Neptune-style, when it comes to both new moon goal-setting and solving issues in partnerships. We’ll have to work to find a balance between putting trust in our rational mind versus our psychic, intuitive mind. Check out these five healing crystals that gorgeously align with the […]

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