Choosing a Bracelet Size

Measure your wrist at the wrist bone and add about half an inch to allow for movement.  I like to wear my bracelets loosely on my wrist but some people like their bracelets to fit snugly.  A bracelet should be comfortable and allow ease of movement.  If a beaded bracelet is too small or too large it can usually be adjusted by restringing the beads, adding or subtracting a bead or two, or maybe even changing the clasp.

Of course, sometimes a design doesn’t allow for flexibility but when a bracelet is Blithe it can be adjusted  just a bit just for you. Don’t be afraid to choose a bracelet with a box clasp, although the toggle clasps are so much easier to put on without asking someone for help.   A box clasp is just as snug and secure as a toggle clasp and you will quickly and easily get used to clasping it. If there is a bracelet in the collection that you like but are unsure of the size drop me a line on the contact page. I am happy to help.