Classic Necklace Lengths

The length of a handmade beaded necklace is a personal choice and handmade necklaces are of varying lengths and styles. Here are some popular traditional necklace lengths but remember a necklace should be chosen to compliment the wearer’s style.

Bib Necklaces
Bib necklaces are multi-strand necklaces that fit just below the neckline in a tearing effect with the uppermost strand being the shortest.

Choker Necklaces – 15-16 inches
Choker necklaces are necklaces that fit snugly around the middle of the neck. A handmade beaded choker necklace is a perfect complement for off-the-shoulder styles and low neck tops and dresses.

Lariats – 48 inches
Classic lariat necklaces do not have clasps and slide on over the head. These necklaces are long and can be worn knotted or wrapped. A fashionable handmade lariat necklace is a must have accessory.

Matinee Necklaces – 20-24 inches
Matinee Necklaces fall mid-chest. A handmade beaded Matinee necklace looks great with casual or business dress.

Opera Necklaces – 28-34 inches
Opera necklaces are long and can be worn as a single or double strand necklace. A handmade beaded opera necklace is a perfect complement for high neck fashions.

Princess Necklaces – 18 inches
Princess Necklaces fall just below the collar bone. A handmade beaded Princess Necklace is very versatile and looks good with both high and low neck line fashions.