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Crystal Horoscope: Healing Gemstones for Aquarius Season

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In our monthly Crystal Horoscope column, spiritually savvy Gemini Chartreuse Tembo Barriere —who is the founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy —selects the most powerful stones for the solar season. She teaches us how to use crystals in meditation to stay aligned with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. Aquamarine and fluorite are the two crystals chosen for Aquarius season. Working with these stones regularly helps us to harness the structures of the future as we write the new story of existence on the blank slate. What These Crystals Represent: Aquamarine : Activates higher consciousness and a lighthearted spirit, protection from negative forces, may help regulate hormones Flourite : Supports structure, unfolds creative potential, dissolves mental blocks, relief from joint pain Aquamarine is the zodiac birthstone for Aquarius and ranges in color from blue-green to light blue. It is a member of the beryl family, of the hexagonal crystal system, and of the primary/igneous mineral formation. Primary stones signify the spark of creation—they are formed from pure magma. They encourage learning processes and personal development. Aquarius is all about the futuristic mindset. As we can see, the Age of Aquarius is heralding this time of technological innovations at warp speed. Similarly, aquamarine invokes higher states of consciousness as it activates the third eye chakra—our energy center of higher insight and inner knowing. Aquamarine is a stone of spiritual awareness and service to humanity. Meditating with this crystal helps to integrate Aquarian futuristic ideas into actionable plans in the present. On the physical level, aquamarine can be used to regulate hormonal balances as it is said to harmonize the pituitary, thyroid and pineal glands. Emotionally, aquamarine bestows a sense of light-heartedness and a happy disposition, which resonates also with Aquarian tenets of maintaining a bird’s eye view and a universal perspective. Aquamarine is a non-toxic stone and can be constantly in contact with the body, and is commonly found cut and faceted and worn as jewelry. Aquamarine’s Metaphysical Properties: Aquarius is associated with the pineal gland and pertains to that higher insight and inner knowing. Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth and can help to enhance mediumistic, clairvoyant abilities. Aquamarine has long been considered a protective stone against negative forces and a great assistant for reducing stress, which can be a common occurrence with forward-thinking Aquarians. Aquamarine encourages one to take personal responsibility for every aspect of their lives, and this helps with the Aquarius mission of bringing about social change and justice. With Aquarius energy being light years ahead of the rest of the world, this energy may come with feeling challenged to fit in with society. Aquamarine is useful in helping us to be comfortable with our surroundings and release self-defeating patterns. Meditating with aquamarine helps us to be more of our authentic selves without provoking opposition. Its ability to invoke higher states of awareness is also a useful synthesis of the mixed blessings of being ruled by Uranus and Saturn, two planets with seemingly opposed […]

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